Designed by Nature,

Refined by Mankind


Our products come with a FSC and/or PEFC certificate to acknowledge our commitment to offering flooring products made from sustainable forestry systems. The PEFC (Pan-European Forest Certification) certification is Europe’s equivalent to America’s FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). The amount of timber which is cut equals that which is re-grown.

Ultra Planks is committed to providing the highest quality products while being environmentally responsible and we invite you to see for yourself just how beautiful and smart eco-friendly can be.

InDoor Air Quality
& Hypoallergenic

Though there are thousands of airborne and food-borne allergens, a common culprit of many allergies can be household-based items, including dust, residue from cleaning chemicals, and toxins in wood finishes. The great news for homeowners with such sensitivities is that there is a flooring option that doesn’t harbor irritating dust and microorganisms: wood. Additionally, the use of a natural oil finish makes wood flooring a hypoallergenic solution that can be used throughout the home for allergy-free living.

100% Natural

Our flooring products are 100% natural and finished with low to no VOC plant based natural oil finish or water-based finish.